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In the darkest of times, do you cry out in despair, often believing that you have failed God (or that He has failed you)? Then you might be surprised to learn that God sees you very differently than you see yourself. Let us show you the true purpose of depression and how, as an emotional alarm system, it is intended, not to destroy you, but rather to protect, and ultimately to grow you. Hope thrives when you see God's gentle persuasion to tackle the issues that have long held you down. Come, discover these truths with us in our new book, "Light on the Fringe: Finding Hope in the Darkness of Depression"


“Having finished the book, I am left appreciating the handling of true and false guilt, the need for authenticity, how depression has been stereotyped, and the thoughtful depiction of biblical characters who faced depression. I found this book warm, helpful, biblically solid, and full of hope.” Randy Alcorn - Author of Heaven, The Treasure Principle, and Deception

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